Friday, March 12, 2010

Lake Mohave Boat Rentals, Water Sports Charters, Las Vegas

Lake Mohave Boat Rentals, Water Sports Charters, Las Vegas
Rent one our wakeboard boats, water ski boats, wake surf boats, power boats and go to one of your favorite lakes in Nevada Lake Mohave. Lake Mohave is approximately a 45 minute 28 mile drive to Las Vegas from the strip. Visit Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and Lake Havasu in one ultimate water sports vacation charters.

TK Watersports is not an onsite facility; We do not conduct business in the State Park TK Watersports offers water sports equipment, Water Trampolines for rent as well as full service water sports boat charters. Call for reservation at 801-367-0668 or e-mail  

Free Lessons wakeboarding, water skiing, wake surfing with any VIP Rental or Water Sports Charter

VIP Boat Packages: For those who may be unsure about operating their own vessel or just want to enjoy a day of Water sports without the hassles of operating the boat, this may be the package for you. All the toys included along with instructor, driver. VIP boat rentals are for those who want to spend more time with family and friends instead of the hassles of taking care of the boat or if you are a little unsure of operating a vessel your self than the VIP package is for you. The VIP package includes your own personal instruction in our Centurion Avalanche or Centurion Enzo 23 with surf package with all the Toys included. Available on half day or full day rentals. Take the worry out of you day let us do to the work and the worry of the boat.

VIP Package includes: professional driver/instructor wakeboards, water-skis, kneeboards, life vests, pull tubes, water tramp for the kids if needed, certified in wilderness first responder first aid. For full day Rentals we will start as early as you want in the morning and go all day. The day is yours we are there to service you and your group. Great for family reunions, groups of friend and business outings.

Learn in style with TK Watersports. Come to us for your lessons/instruction in wakeboarding, waterskiing, wake surfing and wake skating. We can teach you to get up for the first time or improve on the skills you already have. Lessons and instruction are for all ages. Our instructors are fun, outgoing, and committed to making sure you have a great experience. You are never too young or too old to learn. Instruction and Lessons are included in the VIP Rentals

Lake Mohave is approximately a 45 minute 28 mile drive to Las Vegas Boat Harbor from the strip. Katherine landing is located conveniently near Laughlin Nevada, providing entertainment by night, then water play by day. Hotels are plentiful with cheap meals. Visit Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and Lake Havasu in one ultimate water sports vacation

Lake Mohave is near Laughlin Nevada and Bullhead City, AZ 67 miles down stream from Hoover Dam. The lake is comparatively narrow, not more than 4 miles across at its widest Point Lake. Mohave's 237 miles of shoreline can be enjoyed year round as the days are almost always sunny. The terrain surrounding the lake varies from sheer cliffs of multicolored rocks to sandy beaches and secluded coves. This lake is known for its water sports, swimming, skiing, scuba diving, boating and fishing - There are hundreds of beaches that can only be accessed by boat. In the summer, boaters seek out their own private beach site for a base camp from which they then swim, water ski and relax. The water eventually flows into Lake Havasu

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lake Powell, Wakeboard, Water Ski, Wake Surf Lessons/instruction

Wakeboarding, Water ski, Wake Surfing lessons/ instruction or Sessions are on a fully loaded Centurion Avalanche or Centurion Enzo 230 with Switch Blade wake enhancement system. TK Watersports offers the best in water sports equipment.

Professional Watersports Charters Lesssions or instruction — pop out on the water for a few hours or enjoy the whole day out on Utah lake with our professional watersports charter service. Don’t have a boat? Or don’t want the hassles of boat ownership come ride with us. We offer lessons, instruction or just wakeboarding, water skiing, or wake surfing sessions. Try one of our Ultimate wake surf boats a Centurion Enzo with surf package added Enzo sacks with plenty of ballast topped off with a switch blade creating the ultimate wave. For reservations call 801-367-0668 or e-mail

Wake Surfing — for those who want to enjoy Watersports with low impact great for seniors looking to be on the water but don’t want to take the risk of wakeboarding and waterskiing. Wake surfing is the new craze in Watersports and TK Watersports is equipped with the best wake surfing boat available. TK Watersports will provide wake surf lessons offering top notch instruction for all levels of riders. TK Watersports, we your wake surfing specialist.

Wakeboarding — There is nothing like catching air for the first time or landing a difficult trick or jumping the whole wake for the first time. TK Watersports offers the best wake enhancement equipment in the industry we feature the switch blade and perfect pass on our professional wakeboard boats. We offer wakeboard lessons and instruction, or just time on the water with our wakeboarding sessions package. You don’t need to own a boat to tear it up on the water just call TK Watersports.

Water Skiing — Learn to water ski for the first time or graduate to slalom, one of the oldest water sports but many still enjoy the thrill of speed carving back and forth gliding along perfect glassy water. TK Watersports is there to take care of all you water skiing needs.

Kneeboarding — A knee board is a good piece of equipment to start out on for boat-towed sports. Why? The low center of gravity often makes it easier to get up on than a water ski or wakeboard, which both require standing up. TK Watersports can get you up for the first time or help you do your first 360.

TK WATERSPORTS will help you get up for the first time or take you to the next level. Nothing moves you forward like time on the water. We offer instruction on wakeboarding, wake surfing, water skiing, knee boarding and wake skating. We are committed to adding that personal touch that makes learning fun and exciting.

For reservations call 801-367-0668 or e-mail

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Buy Your Dream Boat - Buyers Market

The typical boat owner is the one that can benefit from this buyers market it gives him a chance to get his dream boat at a good price. If you have determined your going to buy a boat the market is on your side.

Finding the right boat: Many people when they purchase there first boat think they know what they want but after a year or two on the water they relies they wanted a wakeboarding or water ski boat instead of an inboard outboard boat. They might not have had a tower or hot water shower or some of the features they soon learn about after they have owned there boat for a short time. Many wished they would have been more educated when they got there first boat or just didn’t have the finances at the time to support the boat they really wanted. This could be the time for you to get that dream boat. This time you’re primed and ready to go with your list of features, wakeboard tower, ballast tanks, stereo, heater or hot water shower, storage compartments. For tips on buying your dream boat you may visit want to visit


TEST DRIVE - You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first, would you? Same holds true with a boat, even more so than a car. Boats are finicky animals. They tend to require more attention and maintenance than cars. When you test drive the boat pay close attention to the following things while underway:


If it vibrates it could mean a variety of things like a bent propeller. A vibrating boat makes a noisy boat.

Functioning Trim

If you're looking at an inboard/outboard boat check to make sure the trim works, which allows the motor to move from the down position to the angled position.

ResponseRapidly, but carefully, test the steering from one direction to another to see how long it takes the boat to respond.


Check to see how long it takes the boat to plane after take off.


Does the boat slip smoothly into gear, or does it jump?


Make sure the boat works in reverse. You never know how important this is until you have to dock.

Gauges and Instruments

Check the temperature, RPM, and speedometer for proper function.

Make sure it is doing it's job. If your test ride is not long enough to tell, when you get back to the dock run some water in the engine hole with a water hose until the bilge kicks in.

It's a good idea to take along several people on the test drive. Added weight in a boat can affect it's performance and quickness.


Check to see how many hours are on a boat. You measure a car's use by miles and a boat's use by hours. If a boat has more than 500 hours you can expect to pay some money in upgrades and maintenance.


Wood and water don't mix, especially in the floor of a boat. Carefully inspect the floor for soft spots, which indicate rot. Don't be afraid to get on your hands and knees and smell for floor for mildew.


Ask for a maintenance history on the boat. Find out what major repairs have been made to the boat. If a lot of work has been done to the boat, chances are there will be lots to come, which translates into dollars. Ask if the boat is still under warranty. Also, ask who the boat owner used for repairs and make a point to talk to them. A big factor in how well it was taken care of is if it had regular detailing and cleaning after daily usage. For tips on maintenance and cleaning see


It's a good idea to have a qualified marine mechanic thoroughly inspect the boat before purchasing it. To find a marine surveyor call either the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors - SAMS. If you are going to do it yourself check the spark arrestors and plugs, alternator, belts, hoses, strainer, blower, shift cables, engine alignment, etc. Analyze the oil and make sure it is not cloudy or gritty Cloudy oil can mean the engine block is cracked.


Take a walk around the boat and inspect the hull and make sure it is in good condition. Feel free to tap on the hull all the way around and make sure the hull is consistently solid. Mismatched paint is a sign the boat has been in an accident. Also check for gel-coat blisters and dry rot.


Check the prop for warping, cracks, or nicks. Any of these things can throw off the performance of the boat.


How has the boat been stored while not in use? Was is stored outside and exposed to the sun and weather? Or was it kept in protected dry storage?


Depending on how the boat was stored can affect how the upholstery has held up over the years. Check for ripped seams and color fading. Also check the boat cover if there is one.


It's nice if the owner will sell the boat with a few extras which are probably already on the boat. In my opinion, a depth finder is crucial. You don't want the boat to run aground, much less let your skier run aground. In most states a marine radio is required by law. A stereo is a nice thing to have so you can listen to tunes. Also see if the boat owner will throw in some life jackets and an anchor. And if you are a lucky slalom skier they may throw in a speed control device.


If a trailer comes with the boat you want to buy check the trailer thoroughly. They are not cheap to replace.


Locate the boat in the N.A.D.A. Guide to find out the price value range for the model and year. Remember, if the boat is priced at the low end or lower than the low end it's likely the boat's had a history of problems and there is a reason the owner wants to get rid of the boat