Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Goplay at Utah Lake - TK Watersports new location with Northern Utah rental office location for offsite rentals and onsite rentals for Utah Lake. This location is located at Lindon Marina at Utah Lake. (4574 W. Vineyard Road, Lindon Utah)

At this location we offer boat rentals, waverunner-jet skit-PWC rentals, paddle boards, canoes and water toys. We are opening new in 2014 a General Store with convenience items for your boating trip, boating supplies, fishing tackle and water sports equipment.

Marina services offered, boating launching, and gated dry storage and wet slips available.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Utah Wakeboard Camp July 18 - 23, 1st Annual Event

Utah Wakeboard Camp July 18th-23rd 2011

Featuring Brandon Judd - Professional wakeboard ryder and coach along with the staff of TK Watersports & MM Watersports. Reserve your spot call 801-367-0668 or e-mail your request to info@tkwatersports.com See links:  Brandonjudd.com/bio Wakeboard Camp:  The Wakeboard Camp

Nothing gets you to the next level like time on the water and by getting top notch instruction that can save you years off the school of hard knocks. Improve your basic skills so that you can do some of the big tricks. There is nothing like catching air for the first time or landing a difficult trick or jumping the whole wake for the first time.

Spend the day with other hardcore wakeboarders and learn from a Professioanl. Not only will you get your persoanl instrucion but will be able to listen and learn from what is taught the other riders as well. You will be able to focus on the tricks that you have been tring to master.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Water Trampolines, Family Reunions, Rentals

Water Trampolines are great for keeping the kids busy and entertained all day on the beach. They are a must with big groups.  While part of the group is out on the boat, the others have a fun diversion while waiting on the beach. They are also great for those who prefer the beach to the boat. We added it as a rental last year and couldn't keep up with the requests for rentals during the summer months. The most popular sizes have been from 10 ft to 15 ft. due to ease of transportation, size, and cost of rental. The really big ones are a lot harder to transport, clean, and take care of but are a lot of fun.

Water Trampolines are great for groups, family events, or any lake or beachside activity involving kids. They can be quite expensive to purchase; low end for a small one can be close to $800.00 and go up to $5,000.00 for larger sizes. One of the real dilemmas when purchasing a water trampoline is storage.  They do take up room when they are not being used. You would need to have good storage space in your home or a storage unit where it can be kept when not in use. If you you live at the waters edge or have the oppurtunity to use it frequently, it would be a great investment. If a water trampoline is an occasional treat, renting may make more sense for you.

Water Trampolines are a great way to get young kids used to the water in a fun way. Jumping in the water, playing king of the mountain, or just laying on a trampoline in the sun gives kids the opportunity to spend time in the water and learn safe water practices. Our family makes sure all the kids wear life vests when playing on the tramp as a saftey precaution. It is a great way to get the kids used to wearing a life vest in the water so when they get on the boat they are accustomed to the idea and don't fight it. A life vest should be second nature and kids should see it as a must on the water.

Water Trampolines for rent
Water Trampolines to purchase
Water Trampolines

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Utah Boat Rentals, Wakeboard Boats, Power Boats, Ski Boats

Utah Boat Rentals, Wakeboard boats, Ski boats, power boats, Wake Surf 

When you rent a Utah boat rental from us you get the very best in performance at a reasonable price. Most of our power boats are only a few years old and well maintained to our high standards. We guarantee a clean well maintained boat, dependable and functional. We have a number of makes and models in our line up to try to fit the needs of different individuals and groups.

Utah offers some of the best lakes for the boating enthusiast from Desert lakes like Lake Powell to mountain lakes like Deer creek, Jordanelle or Bear Lake. No summer is complete with out a water sports outing to your favorite lake. Whether it is just a day with the family at Yuba Lake or a week long houseboat vacation Utah Rent-A-Boat & TK Watersports can take care of you.

Some of our most popular boat rentals have been our Centurion Enzo SV240, Centurion Enzo SV230, Centurion Avalanche C4, Malibu Wakesetter 23 ft and Mastercraft X-45.

Many of our boats are equipped with wake enhance equipment to manipulate the size and shape of the wake for wakeboarding, wake surfing.

We provide Utah boat rental service to all cities and lakes in Utah including lake powell( Bullfrog & Wahweap marinas)Bear Lake, Deer Creek, Jordanelle, Utah Lake, Willard bay and more.

Lake Powell Boat Rentals, Wakeboard Boat Rentals, Ski Boat Rentals

Lake Powell, Power boat rentals, Wakeboarding boat rentals, water ski boat rentals, Waver runners

Reservations 801-367-0668 or e-mail info@tkwatersports.com
TK water sports offers a complete package of water sports equipment and boat rentals specializing in professional competition wakeboarding boats or water ski boats great for any of the water sports your group may be interested in. These boats are great for wakeboarding, water skiing, wake surfing, wake skating, knee boarding, air chair, or just pulling tube and toys.

Ask about our popular full service water sports boat charters great for family reunions and group outings.

Your water sports charter will include:
• CWB & Hyperlite Equipment
• Driver /Instructor
• Bring as Many as you would Like for the same price
• Small or Large reunions/groups or business outings
• You leave all the work to us take the hassles out of boat ownership
• Package includes driver/instructor, wakeboards, wake surf boards, knee boards, skis, pull tubes, life vests, 2400 watt stereo system, wake enhance system ,(switch blade for surfing)
• Drivers are certified Emergency Wilderness First Responder and certified at CPR first aid.

Lake Powell is one of TK Watersports premier vacation spots. Wahweap Marina and Antelope point the biggest marinas at Lake Powell and are located a few miles out of Page Arizona. Bullfrog Marina and Halls crossing marina are 95 mile up lake from the Glen Canyon Dam. Bullfrog is the gate way for boaters and visitors approaching from south-central Utah and Western Colorado.

Lake Powell, the second largest reservoir in North America, is 186 miles/299 kilometers long and has 1,960 miles/3058 kilometers of shoreline. Hundreds of side canyons, inlets and coves sheltering Indian ruins and natural wonders make Lake Powell a paradise for house boating, photography, and general exploring. Lake Powell offers some of the nation's finest fishing, for striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, catfish, crappie and northern pike. ) Other recreational activities include boating, water skiing, wake boarding, scuba diving and swimming.

A Case For Life Jackets

In 2010 TK Watersports performed a number of rescues, I am proud to say with no fatalities because we insist on people warring life vests. When the boat is moving and anyone jumps in the water they are required to ware a vest. Anyone 14 and younger is required to have a life vest on at all times.

Most of the parents that we work with on family reunion water sports charters, lessons, instruction are relieved when we share with them our policies on warring life vests. It makes it so they don't have to constantly fight there kids; it’s the captain’s rule.

No matter how you look at it, almost any boating accident imaginable has a predictable outcome – if you are in the water fighting for your life. Unless you are wearing a life jacket, your survival chances are marginal. Why take the chance make sure you outing is a save one.

The best case scenario would be falling overboard without sustaining an injury, and being quickly recovered by a person remaining in the boat, or by a nearby boater. In almost every other scenario I can think, surviving a boating accident that resulted in being ejected from the boat without a life jacket would depend upon a quick rescue.

I hate to be a predictor of doom and gloom, but in my experience as a professional water sports outfitter quick rescues don’t always happen. They happen but not often enough – as proven by the latest boating safety statistics:

• In 2006 there were 4,967 boating accidents
• 3,474 of the boaters required medical attention beyond first aid

• 710 recreational boaters died

• 476 of the 710 boaters drowned

• 29 children under the age of 12 died

If those statistics don’t convince you to wear a life jacket, then consider these reasons to wear a life jacket while boating:

Capsizing and falls overboard are the most reported types of fatal accidents, comprising 59 percent of all boating fatalities.Nine of ten drowning victims may have survived a capsizing or fall overboard if they had been wearing a life jacket. By wearing a life jacket while boating, you increase the chances of surviving by leaps and bounds. Think of it another way: without a lifejacket, how long can you tread water while waiting for rescue? What if you were injured?

You cannot prevent an accident by your boating skill or experience alone. Boaters with more than 100 hours boating experience, who are 36 years or older and don’t have formal boating safety education are responsible for most of the boating accidents and fatalities. Even if you have confidence in your boating skills, consider the many boaters who are less experienced and educated who share the waterways with you.

Comfort is no longer an issue. The major reason boaters forgo wearing life jackets is they value comfort over safety. Thankfully, boating supply manufacturers have responded by producing lightweight life jackets that can be worn without discomfort for an entire day of boating.

As I said, no matter how you slice it – there really is no reason not to wear a life jacket, and require all your passengers to wear one as well.

Utah Wakeboarding, Water ski, Wake Surf Lessons, Instruction, Sesssions

Wakeboarding, Water ski, Wake Surfing lessons/ instruction or Sessions are on a fully loaded Centurion Avalanche or Centurion Enzo 230 with Switch Blade wake enhancement system. TK Watersports offers the best in water sports equipment.

Professional Watersports Charters Lessons or instruction — pop out on the water for a few hours or enjoy the whole day out on Utah lake, Deer Creek with our professional water sports charter service. Don’t have a boat? Or don’t want the hassles of boat ownership come ride with us. We offer lessons, instruction or just wakeboarding, water skiing, or wake surfing sessions. Try one of our Ultimate wake surf boats a Centurion Enzo with surf package added Enzo sacks with plenty of ballast topped off with a switch blade creating the ultimate wave.

Wake Surfing — for those who want to enjoy Water sports with low impact great for seniors looking to be on the water but don’t want to take the risk of wakeboarding and waterskiing. Wake surfing is the new craze in Water sports and TK Watersports is equipped with the best wake surfing boat available. TK Watersports will provide wake surf lessons offering top notch instruction for all levels of riders. TK Watersports, we your wake surfing specialist.

Wakeboarding — There is nothing like catching air for the first time or landing a difficult trick or jumping the whole wake for the first time. TK Watersports offers the best wake enhancement equipment in the industry we feature the switch blade and perfect pass on our professional wakeboarding boats. We offer wakeboarding lessons and instruction, or just time on the water with our wakeboarding sessions package. You don’t need to own a boat to tear it up on the water just call TK Watersports.

Water Skiing — Learn to water ski for the first time or graduate to slalom, one of the oldest water sports but many still enjoy the thrill of speed carving back and forth gliding along perfect glassy water. TK Watersports is there to take care of all you water skiing needs.

Kneeboarding — A knee board is a good piece of equipment to start out on for boat-towed sports. Why? The low center of gravity often makes it easier to get up on than a water ski or wakeboard, which both require standing up. TK Watersports can get you up for the first time or help you do your first 360.

TK WATERSPORTS will help you get up for the first time or take you to the next level. Nothing moves you forward like time on the water. We offer instruction on wakeboarding, wake surfing, water skiing, knee boarding and wake skating. We are committed to adding that personal touch that makes learning fun and exciting.

Wake Surf lake Powell, Wake Surf Lessons, Wake Surf Boats

Lake Powell Wake Surfing lessons/ instruction or Sessions are on a fully loaded Centurion Avalanche or Centurion Enzo 230 with Switch Blade wake enhancement system. TK Watersports offers the best in water sports equipment. Lesson for Wakeboarding, Water ski, Wake Skate also available

Professional Watersports Charters Lesssions or instruction — pop out on the water and enjoy the whole day with our professional watersports charter service. Don’t have a boat? Or don’t want the hassles of boat ownership come ride with us. We offer lessons, instruction or just wakeboarding, water skiing, or wake surfing sessions. Try one of our Ultimate wake surf boats a Centurion Enzo with surf package added Enzo sacks with plenty of ballast topped off with a switch blade creating the ultimate wave. For reservations call 801-367-0668 or e-mail info@tkwatersports.com  

Wake Surfing Low Impact

Wake surfing is great for old and Young alike, low impact and high on the fun. Wake surfing is easy to learn, easier than learning surf on the ocean. Now you don’t have to live by the coast to be a surfer. Many ocean surfers find wake surfing great practice for catching those big ocean waves and learn agility and balance. Low-impact Sport, unlike wakeboarding or water skiing wake surfing is a low impact sport meaning the falls cause less stress and damage to your body since the boat is only going 9-14 miles per hours. TK Watersports offers Utah Wake Surf lessons, instruction and wake surf camps for groups or individuals.

Imagine riding a wave on a surf board that never quits, a never ending wave. Centurion offers the best wake surf wave in the industry try our centurion boat loaded with ballast and the switch blade the best wake inhancement technology available today

If you haven’t ever used one, then you are seriously missing out. With just the press of a button, the switch blade will change the size and shape of the wake, making it way easier to switch between sports like wakesurfing, wakeboarding, and wakeskating. For wakeboarding, the switch blade will kick up a nice lippy wake and, while surfing, the blade scoops the water into a perfect curl. What more could

TK WATERSPORTS will help you get up and catch the wave for the first time or help you get to the next level. Nothing moves you forward like time on the

Monday, April 18, 2011

Get Your Boat Ready for 2010 Season

Boat Detailing, Marine Detailing,

Specializing in Boat detailing: We are your connection for your spring preparation we will help you get your vessel spruced up and ready for the start of the new 2010 boating season. We are also a Watersports outfitter and know boats, make sure you come to the boat professionals and take care of your recreational investment. Many of the processes and chemicals we use are specific for marine applications.

Many boats may have different degrees of oxidation that may require different processes call for your estimate.

Basic Boat detail: Wipe and touch up outside, wipe down UV protection interior, vacuum interior, clean windows, wash tires and wheels, apply tire protection, vacuum and clean storage areas, carpet wash, and wax and UV protection

Boat Restoration Buffing and Waxing: We do a three to four stage buffing process to bring out the luster of the paint and to eliminate nasty oxidation

1.) Removal of industrial fall out

2.) Buffing compound used for minor abrasions and oxidation

3.) Polishing and wax used for UV protection

Call for you free estimate at 801-367-0668 or e-mail your request at detail@finaltouchent.com

Marine Cleaning Products