Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Maximize your winter storage protection with quality SHRINK WRAP: Do it right this fall,
minimize your winter damage and save on spring maintenance and prep for summer use. Free Estimate 801-367-0668
Your boat can with stand heavy snow loads

Benefits of shrink-wrapping your Boat:

  • - Store your boat safely outside 
  • - Protect from moisture & mildew
  • - No monthly indoor storage fee 
  • - Keep nesting animals out
  • - Protect paint from harsh winter 
  • - Adds a layer of protection form elements

Do it right Shrink Wrap your boat for winter storage

During long periods of storage, your uncovered boat is susceptible to damage
from a number of sources; rain, snow, blowing dirt and debris, bird droppings, UV
radiation and nesting birds or rodents. While conventional covers or tarps offer
some shelter from the elements, only a shrink-wrap cover gives your boat
protection that’s 100% waterproof, impossible to blow off and can withstand
heavy loads of snow or rain.

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More about Shrink Wrapping your boat

Shrink wrap your boat and add that extra layer of protection to your boat as part of your winterization process. By properly shrink wrapping your boat it can last years providing waterproof and UV protection for your watercraft, machinery, or personal property.

Shrink wrap is a polyethylene film that is used to cover the object or vessel shrunken tight creating a protective covering of skin from snow, ice and debris

Shrink wrap comes in a number of sizes and thickness depending on what is needed for the area and application and duration of protection needed.

In Utah we primarily use shrink wrap for the harsh winter climate and elements to protect boats while in storage for the winter months. Shrink wrap also protects from the pollution in the air and from industrial fall out over time and will keep boat clean over the time of storage so when it is pulled out the boat is ready for use. Detail your boat and put it away ready to use in the summer.

How is shrink wrap done?

The process begins by prepping the boat by creating a frame or support structure acting as a skeleton that the film can be shrink wrapped to. This is done by using support poles and in some cases using the existing structure such as a tower on a wakeboard boat. Strapping lines are run from bow to stern and port to starboard completing the frame. A belly line is ran with a number of support lines that creates a cage or to complete the frame for the shrink wrap film.

The shrink wrap is sized and custom fitted to your boat. This shrink wrap film is pulled over and draped over the frame of the boat that we have created and secured to the belly line. This is done by folding the ends around the belly line and welding with heat creating a snug fit around the boat.

The belly line is tied down so that when heated the film won’t lift out of place. The film is completely heated and forms tightly around the skeleton or frame that was created.

Ventilation is the final step along with taping up all the seams and any holes etc.