Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keep Your Boat Clean

Boat Cleaning Tips

Many boat owners, wanting to keep their investment in tip-top Shape, and often ask “what is the best way to maintain my boat?” The answer is so simple it’s almost a no brainer, clean your boat after every use you will save your self alot of head aches. Part of the boating experience is putting the equipment away properlly and can be a team building experience for groups & families as they work together. We even get the little ones involved each armed with a towel and some spray. Getting the troops involved can be a fun way to wind down the day at the lake so.... crank up the toons, have fun make it part of the boating experience.

Clean Your Boat

1. After every trip, give your boat a good rub down avoid harsh
Cleaners and agents that could remove any protection that you have
On the boat.

2. Scrub in small portions rinse the deck, fitting ,hull and outboard motor using a biodegradable, PH marine soap and a deck brush with medium stiffness bristles. If you use a brush with bristles that are too stiff, it can harm the boats finish.
3. With a soft sponge and marine soap, wash in small areas, rinse,
The exterior and superstructure including vinyl seats, deck ,boxes,
Windshield, etc.

4. Thoroughly dry the boat with a soft ,dry cloth
5. Clean windows using a commercial solution or vinegar and water.
Caution about vinegar and water if you like use this to take water spots off  on the main body of the boat it can take off any wax or protectant you may have on the gel coat. Vinegar and water is a cheap way to take off waterspots but make sure you put a wax on your get coat often. There are many products you can get commerically that help with water spots

6. Treat all vinyl with a commercial vinyl treatment to protect
And preserve your boats upholstery.

7. If you trailer your boat, don’t forget to scrub and rinse the trailer to.

8. Have a place for all equipment, everyone will get to know where it goes and will try to get gear in its assigned spot cutting down on some of the work for the captain of the boat. Ropes, wakeboards, water skis life vests, tubes etc can have there asigned spot.

Marine Cleaning Products

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