Friday, April 16, 2010

Lake Havasu for Spring Break or Early Bird Watersports Trip

Do you own or have access to a boat? No problem just call TK Watersports for a full service water sports spring vacation. Do you long for opportunities to waterskiing or wakeboard wake surf or knee board? Are you bored with traditional Spring Break scenes? Do you want to try something different? Look no further – Lake Havasu is the Spring Break destination for you!

For those of you who have been there and done that as far as the usual Spring Break hotspots are concerned, and who feel that you have outgrown the resort scene and need a change, Lake Havasu provides the perfect solution – Spring Break on the water! Every Spring Break, the lake fills with more boats than can be counted. It will be bumper to bumper in some places, and that's just the way the Spring Break crowds like it – because more boats means more people, and more people means more fun. In lots of places, boaters will tie their vessels together to form one huge raft effect, meaning that you can just hop from boat to boat as the parties get going.

The atmosphere is fun and casual, with everyone basking in Lake Havasu's strong sunlight, music pumping out from many boats all across the water, and everyone moving around to meet new people and have a great time in the sun. All in the most amazing surroundings you can imagine – the mountains loom large over the lake, creating a fabulous backdrop for Spring Break boat parties! If spending all day every day in your swimwear and lounging on the deck or swimming in the warm water sounds good to you, then Lake Havasu might very well be your perfect Spring Break destination!

As the day draws to a close and the sun sets, most people head inland for some great food at one of Lake Havasu's popular restaurants, where you can find a really good range of local and international cuisine. Try the fresh seafood as you dine at a casual open air restaurant overlooking the water and watch the sunset. Perfect! And then head out to one of the city's popular nightlife spots for dancing and mingling with the rest of the buzzing Spring Break crowd. You can keep it quiet and relaxed, or you can party like a mad thing – set your own pace, Lake Havasu Spring Break gives you that freedom. It's the perfect spot for a Spring Break that's out of the ordinary

If you don’t like the crowds of Spring Breaks but want to get out on the water early this season, Havasu can still be a great destination of choice. It is warmer earlier in the season making it a great choice just make sure you coordinate your vacation around major College Spring Breaks if you are trying to avoid heavy traffic.

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