Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Water Trampolines, Family Reunions, Rentals

Water Trampolines are great for keeping the kids busy and entertained all day on the beach. They are a must with big groups.  While part of the group is out on the boat, the others have a fun diversion while waiting on the beach. They are also great for those who prefer the beach to the boat. We added it as a rental last year and couldn't keep up with the requests for rentals during the summer months. The most popular sizes have been from 10 ft to 15 ft. due to ease of transportation, size, and cost of rental. The really big ones are a lot harder to transport, clean, and take care of but are a lot of fun.

Water Trampolines are great for groups, family events, or any lake or beachside activity involving kids. They can be quite expensive to purchase; low end for a small one can be close to $800.00 and go up to $5,000.00 for larger sizes. One of the real dilemmas when purchasing a water trampoline is storage.  They do take up room when they are not being used. You would need to have good storage space in your home or a storage unit where it can be kept when not in use. If you you live at the waters edge or have the oppurtunity to use it frequently, it would be a great investment. If a water trampoline is an occasional treat, renting may make more sense for you.

Water Trampolines are a great way to get young kids used to the water in a fun way. Jumping in the water, playing king of the mountain, or just laying on a trampoline in the sun gives kids the opportunity to spend time in the water and learn safe water practices. Our family makes sure all the kids wear life vests when playing on the tramp as a saftey precaution. It is a great way to get the kids used to wearing a life vest in the water so when they get on the boat they are accustomed to the idea and don't fight it. A life vest should be second nature and kids should see it as a must on the water.

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  1. Q: What is the difference between a water trampoline and a water bouncer?

    A: A water trampoline and a water bouncer have a few distinct differences. Water bouncers tend to be smaller, less expensive and also do not produce as high of jumps. This is because water bouncers have netting that is attached directly to the inflation tube whereas water trampoline’s netting is attached by springs to a frame which allows for higher bouncing and can support heavier weight loads.

    Q: How do you inflate a water trampoline or bounce platform?

    A: The most common method for inflation is using a shop vacuum as they have a high air flow rates. The shop vac should attach to the adapter that comes with most water trampolines, water bouncers and accessories. There are also pumps available for inflation of your water trampoline of choice. We do NOT recommend using an air compressor to inflate your water trampoline as over inflation can damage the tube.

    Q: What type of warranty comes with water trampolines?

    A: The warranty differs depending on which brand of water trampoline you choose. Most brands come with at least a one year warranty as long as the product has not been used for commercial purposes. We suggest you check with the bradn’s home webpage to find out the specific warranty.

    Q: How much and how long does it take to ship a water trampoline?

    A: Right now we are offering free shipping on all water trampolines. Shipping will take approximately 7-10 business days. For more information on this check out our shipping page located at the bottom of our homepage.

    Q: Do all Rave products need to be anchored and if so how?

    A: Water bouncers and water trampolines do need to be anchored. The smaller water bouncers should be anchored with a simple D-ring anchor or a weight over 20 pounds will suffice. Water trampolines require a weight of over 60 pounds and bell anchors are recommended. Additional information is provided in the owner’s manual that is provided with your purchase.

    Q: Should bouncers wear life vests?

    A: Yes, safety is key in enjoying any water trampoline or water bouncer. No matter how deep the water is life vests should be worn at all times.

    Q: Where is the form for the free attachment located on your site?

    A: There is a link to the form for a free attachment located on the homepage of the website in the top right corner.

    Q: Can water trampolines be left out in the water?

    A: Most people leave water trampolines out for an entire season and take them out during the colder months. Two things to consider are local regulations about anchoring in your area and the wind speeds around your area. Water trampolines or other products should not be anchored in the water during wind speeds exceeding 15 miles per hour.

    Q: Are water trampolines repairable or patchable?

    A: Most product come with a repair kit and instructions on how to patch up holes. The kit contains adhesive and extra piece of fabric along with a comprehensive instruction manual. Other parts may need to be replaced in time such as springs or the jump surface.

    Q: Can water trampolines be used on land?

    A: Yes, but only on grassy even surfaces. it should not but used on gravel or rocks. A water trampoline will not have the bouncing abilities of a land trampoline because it is meant to be used in the water and the tube will absorb most of the energy.

    Q: How deep should the water be when using a water trampoline?

    A: A water trampoline or water bouncer should never be used in less than six feet of water in order to prevent any injuries.

    Q: How long is total set up time?

    A: Total set up time ranges depending on which product you purchase. Water bouncers require only inflation which typically takes a maximum of thirty minutes while water trampolines can take a bit longer because the assembly of the fame and jumping surface is required.

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