Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WakeBoard Lessons, Wakeboarding, Lessons, Instruction For Wakeboarding, Sessions

Utah Wake Board Lessons 

Wakeboard Lessons, Wakeboarding, Lessons, Instruction For Wakeboarding, Sessions
Call to Reserve 801-367-0668 or e-mail info@tkwatersports.com

There is nothing like catching air for the first time or landing a difficult trick or jumping the whole wake for the first time. Centurion offers the best wake enhancement equipment in the industry we feature the switch blade and perfect pass on our professional wakeboarding boats.

If you haven’t ever used the switch blade, then you are seriously missing out. With just the press of a button, the switch blade will change the size and shape of the wake, making it way easier to switch between sports like wake surfing, wakeboarding, and wake skating. For wakeboarding, the switch blade will kick up a nice lippy wake and, while surfing, the blade scoops the water into a perfect curl.

Wakeboard for beginners – Wakeboarding 101: TK Watersports takes pride in our ability to work with all levels, especially riders trying to get up for the first time. Before you can start doing crazy tricks you need to get out of the water and learn some basics. Getting out of the water is harder for some than for others. It takes some skill on the driver’s part to get a new rider on his or her feet. I have seem some gifted riders get up on there first try but those are few and far between. Its quite possible it may take many tries but once you get up a few times you get the hang of it.

Catching Some Air:Your lift comes from a combination of rope speed (accumulated as a result of building up rope tension) and upward momentum from the wake. Think of a wake jump not as jump but more of a ramping action. You are using the wake as a jump.

The first concept we will need introduce is the progressive edge. This type of edge basically means that your edge starts out mellow and gets harder and harder as you approach the wake. You should be cutting your hardest as you go over the wake.

The progressive edge takes a while to get used to. Most new wakeboarders will be over-zealous and try to scream at the wake as hard as they can. They end up getting a lot of slack in the rope and zero pop. This is exactly the opposite of what should happen

If you have a good progressive edge you will build line tension (not slack)!

For your first few jumps, start just ten or fifteen feet outside the wake on your toe side. Cut towards the wake progressively putting more weight on your heels. When you get there, stand up tall. Don't lift your knees up or try to "jump." Just extend your knees and stand tall.

If you're not getting the desired results, you need to wait longer. Many people stand up too soon or stop cutting before they reach the wake. This kills all of the momentum you've built up and leads to marginal jumps. Cut until the top of the wake, then stand tall.

It will take a bit of practice to get your wake jump looking good. It's well worth it, though. Once you are consistently landing small jumps, you can start trying to clear the wake. To reserve you utah wake board lessons call 801-367-0668 or e-mail request to info@tkwatersports.com

Call to Reserve 801-367-0668 or e-mail info@tkwatersports.com

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