Monday, April 18, 2011

Get Your Boat Ready for 2010 Season

Boat Detailing, Marine Detailing,

Specializing in Boat detailing: We are your connection for your spring preparation we will help you get your vessel spruced up and ready for the start of the new 2010 boating season. We are also a Watersports outfitter and know boats, make sure you come to the boat professionals and take care of your recreational investment. Many of the processes and chemicals we use are specific for marine applications.

Many boats may have different degrees of oxidation that may require different processes call for your estimate.

Basic Boat detail: Wipe and touch up outside, wipe down UV protection interior, vacuum interior, clean windows, wash tires and wheels, apply tire protection, vacuum and clean storage areas, carpet wash, and wax and UV protection

Boat Restoration Buffing and Waxing: We do a three to four stage buffing process to bring out the luster of the paint and to eliminate nasty oxidation

1.) Removal of industrial fall out

2.) Buffing compound used for minor abrasions and oxidation

3.) Polishing and wax used for UV protection

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