Saturday, April 16, 2011

Water Trampolines for Rent, Pull Tubes, Water Sports Equipment

Water Trampolines  | Water Toys   | Pull Tubes

Rent a water trampoline, Water toys and pull tubes: Keep the kids busy at the lake with a water tramp, or get pull tubes and water sports equipment and enhance your water vacation with all the toys.

We have a number of tramps to choose from, 10- 12 ft regular bongo tramps, Turtle Island Water Trampolines, Alligator tramps or Extra Large Water Tramps.

Great for groups keep the kids having fun in the water all day weather they are on the boat or not. They may not even want to be on the boat.

Don't for get to pick up a tube or reserve a water sports package with all the water sports equipment your will need for the ultimate water sports vacation.

Water Sport equipment available: Wakeboards, Water Skis, Water trampolines of all sizes, pull tubes, towables, water weenie, water hot dog, wake surfboards, wakeboards, wakeskates, life vests, wet suits, ropes, and much more. Pick one of package or do a custom package of your own.

Reservation Call 801-637-0668 or visit website at


  1. Water trampolines are a great time for the whole family. Love that there is a place for people to go and try out all the water toys that the summer has to offer. Great way to try out summer water sports equipment.
    Terri H

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