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Bear Lake Utah-Idaho, Watersports, Boating, Boat Rental

 Bear Lake Utah/Idaho

Boating is a popular activity at Bear Lake. The lake is 20 miles long and 8 miles wide, providing space for many different types of watercraft.

Bear Lake is one of best kept secrets in utah/Idaho a mountain lake with plenty of sandy beach to play on and the lake is big enough not to be crowded. Bear Lake is often called the Caribbean of the Rockies for its intense turquoise-blue water. If you traveling through the Logan canyon you can enjoy the beautiful scenery but as visitors catch there view of the lake they are amazed at is almost unreal blue water and wonder what makes the lake so blue. The unique color of the water is due to the reflection of the limestone deposits suspending in the lake. Garden City is famous for the Raspberry Days celebration and there famous Raspberry Shakes and is a must try while you are there.

Bear Lake can be a little chilly early in the season but even June is a little nippy but warms up well for end of June through September, Bear Lake has become a year round favorite vacation spot. Winter activities may involve snowmobiling, snowboarding/snow skiing at Beaver Mountain Nestled in the Cache National forest in Logan Canyon only 15 minutes west of Bear Lake on scenic US 89.

Bear Lake is a great location for a family or business retreat. Leave the crowds, congestion, and traffic behind to create out-door memories for your family reunion or vacation while enjoying clean air. 

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VIP Boat Rental Packages: For those who may be unsure about operating their own vessel or just want to enjoy a day of Watersports without the hassles of operating the boat, this may be the package for you. All the toys included along with instructor, driver. VIP boat rentals are for those who want to spend more time with family and friends instead of the hassles of taking care of the boat or if you are a little unsure of operating a vessel your self than the VIP package is for you. The VIP package includes your own personal instruction in our Centurion Avalanche or Centurion Enzo 23 with surf package with all the Toys included. Take the worry out of you day let us do to the work and the worry of the boat.

VIP Package includes: professional driver/instructor wakeboards, water-skis, kneeboards, life vests, pull tubes, water tramp for the kids if needed, certified in wilderness first responder first aid. For full day Rentals we will start as early as you want in the morning and go all day. The day is yours we are there to service you and your group. Great for family reunions, groups of friend and business outings.

VIP Water Sports Corporate or Group Packages includes: 

• Competition Wakeboard/Water ski boat

• Pull Tubes and ropes
• Water skis, Wakeboards, Surf Boards, Kneeboards etc.

• Water Trampoline for the kids

• Driver/instructor

• Staff to accommodate size of group, small and large groups multiple boats available

• Launch and retrieve clean up of all equipment we do the work

• Wilderness First Responder Certified. CPR and First Aid

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History of Bear Lake
The Bear Lake Valley was first inhabited by Shoshoni Tribes, then fur trappers. Between 1825 & 1840, many mountain men and Native Americans met on the south end of the lake to swap goods and stories! These meetings became known as mountain man rendezvous.
The first permanent settler to the Bear Lake Valley was reportedly Thomas Pegleg Smith, a crusty, one-legged, ex-mountain man. During the 1840s, he set up a trading post to provide supplies to the emigrants on the famous Oregon Trail. Early Mormon pioneer leader Brigham Young sent the first group of permanent settlers to Bear Lake Valley in 1863. This group was led by Charles C. Rich. The County bears his name.

Basic Information:

Elevation: 5,923 ft.

Length: 20 miles

Width: 8 miles

Shoreline: 48 miles

Surface: 112 sq. miles

Depth: 208 ft.

Volume: 6.5 million acre ft

We are crazy for Bear lake

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